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Quality, client satisfaction are our primary focus. our  strict Quality Control systems and standards are executed at every stage to minimize risks and to ensure safety and reliability of our products and services, which in turn enable us to fulfill and exceed clients' expectation.

Quality control in PCB assembly (PCBA) is a critical aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that the assembled printed circuit boards meet the required standards and specifications. Here are key elements of PCBA quality control:

  1. - Incoming Inspection:

    • Inspect incoming components and materials to ensure they meet the specified quality standards. This includes checking for the correct part numbers, verifying documentation, and examining components for damage or defects.
  2. - Stencil Inspection:

    • Verify the accuracy and quality of the solder paste stencil. This involves checking for any defects or imperfections in the stencil that could impact the application of solder paste.
  3. - Solder Paste Inspection:

    • Utilize automated equipment or manual inspection to verify the correct application of solder paste on the PCB. Ensure that the solder paste is applied in the right locations and in the correct quantity.
  4. - Component Placement Inspection:

    • Use Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems to check the accuracy of component placement on the PCB. This includes verifying component orientation, alignment, and overall placement accuracy.
  5. - Reflow Soldering Inspection:

    • Inspect the solder joints after the reflow soldering process. AOI systems can be used to identify issues such as solder bridging, insufficient solder, or solder joints with irregularities.
  6. - X-ray Inspection:

    • Use X-ray inspection to check hidden solder joints, especially for components with complex packaging like Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs). X-ray inspection can reveal issues such as voids or misalignment.
  7. - Through-Hole Component Inspection (if applicable):

    • If the design includes through-hole components, inspect the solder joints and connections for quality. This can be done through manual inspection or automated methods.
  8. - Functional Testing:

    • Conduct functional testing to ensure that the assembled PCB operates according to the specified functionality. This may involve applying power and test signals to the PCB and checking for proper responses.
  9. - In-Circuit Testing (ICT):

    • In-Circuit Testing verifies the integrity of individual components and the connections between them. It is particularly effective in identifying issues with component values and open or short circuits.
  10. - Burn-In Testing (if applicable):

    • If burn-in testing is part of the quality control process, subject the PCB assembly to elevated temperatures and voltages for an extended period to identify potential failures.
  11. - Environmental Testing (if applicable):

    • If the application requires it, subject the PCB assembly to environmental testing, including temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration, to ensure its reliability under various conditions.
  12. - Final Inspection:

    • Conduct a final inspection of the assembled PCB to ensure that it meets all quality standards and specifications. This may involve visual inspection and measurements.
  13. - Documentation Verification:

    • Verify that all documentation, including assembly records, test reports, and inspection logs, is complete and accurate.

To keep quality control effective, we are keep improving our test method.

For over a decade, JA Products’ has been committed to assembling high quality printed circuit board assemblies for our clients.

our rigid processes produce PCBAs that meet even the most stringent requirements. 100% Automatic Optic Inspection,

QC and in circuit testing,help drive our pursuit of continuous quality improvement.


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