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Electronics Contract Manufacturing Service

 PCB Manufacturing | SMT Assembly | Parts Sourcing | IC Programming | Functional Testing

       JA has over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing services and PCB assemblies manufacturing, providing PCB manufacturing, PCB assemblies, parts sourcing, IC Programming, and functional tests service for various electronic products. Which are widely used in communication equipment, industrial control products, military high-tech products, household electronic products, and other fields.

     We have advanced equipment and excellent technical management team. Chip placement precision can reach ±0.1mm on integrated circuit parts, so we can deal with almost all kinds of integrated circuits, such as SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP and SMT DIP BGA.

    Our QC procedures are in line with ISO and ROHS standards. We ensure that all the products 100% inspected. X-ray, AOI, and functional tests.

Reliability: All products made are according to your design files. We follow your product files in customizing PCBs and PCB assemblies. we assure you that all items come with 1-year warranties.

Confidentiality: We protect the intellectual property of our customers in the whole process. All employees have a strict sense of confidentiality and work under a strict confidentiality agreement.

Flexibility: Custom PCB prototype, small PCB assemblies orders, such as SMD, BGA, and through-hole. Samples 2-3 days. Get a complete PCB solution for all your market needs with our excellent PCB Assembly Capabilities.

Contact us today to find out how we can fill your requirements.

We have the QC, AOI, X-ray 
to check and test products and
 provide free functional testing.

We promise that all inquiries
will be replied within six

We can flexibly handle large, small
volume requirements, the minimum number
to meet customer proofing requirements.

Material control department,
planning department
to control the cost of
materials and production

We have the
Commitment: all after-sales
problems will be solved
within 2 working days.

Continuous development
in the PCB electronic field.

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