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BGA circuit board
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BGA Circuit board

PCB assembly is mostly one of a race to miniaturize circuitry as efficiently as possible to meet consumer demand for ever smaller and more portable devices.
but , the smaller and more complex the circuitry is, the more complex and fault-intolerant its assembly becomes.Using diagonal via capture pads is the best method of BGA signal routing in PCB designs. Flared dog bone fan-out is the most popular method. It allows for better partitioning of the device into four quadrants and gives a widened channel for routing in the “Plus sine/Cross” region of the BGA.

Higher-density pcb: As through-hole circuits were more densely-populated, soldering them accurately without crossover or short-circuits became nearly impossible. BGA circuit boards allow for far more connections, although they require machine soldering for accuracy.

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BGA circuit board
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